Smart Kids. Healthy Choices.

What makes Choicelunch different than other school lunch programs? Simple. We empower kids to make healthy choices. That’s why our model lets kids pick their own sides and drinks with every meal. Our entire staff is devoted to listening to kids’ input and refining our menus accordingly. For a growing number of schools and parents, that’s what makes Choicelunch the lunch of choice.

Our Roots

After operating a small catering company since 1974 and cooking for their own five children, Mary and Larry Gagnon decided to expand their business to schools as a way to keep their Danville kitchen busy in between weekends and wedding events. Food brought joy to the Gagnon’s, and they were excited to share that joy with Bay Area school kids, as well as with hungry wedding guests.

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Our Story

Not every family business is perfectly suited for the next generation. But when Justin Gagnon, Keith Cosbey and Ryan Mariotti first met in college, it just so happened to coincide with a transformative time in America’s history, when people were starting to think more seriously about the culture of food.

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Our Chefs

At Choicelunch, good ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. So if one of our 70+ kitchen staff has an idea about how to make fruits and veggies more appealing to kids, we listen. Between our executive chef, prep chefs and food safety expert, we’ve got healthy, nutritious lunches down to a science.

Our Crew

As any championship team knows, you’re only as good as the last player on the bench. The award winning Choicelunch crew includes: 35 truck drivers, 70+ kitchen staff, an in-house nutritionist, three customer service representatives and 10 school specialists that serve as our eyes and ears on the ground. We live and breathe school lunch. And we love every minute of it.

Choice Partners

Remember in Jr. High when you had friends, best friends, and bestest friends? Choice Partners are our bestest friends. Each of our partners shares our food philosophy: real food, sourced locally, created by hands that care.

Many of our partners hand craft key ingredients especially for us, like our artisan breads and local salad greens. All understand that you can't take short cuts, or use cheap ingredients, if you truly care about our kids and our planet.


We started small. One school. One child. One nutritious lunch. The goal was never to get big. The goal was to change the way kids think about school lunch. Today, more than 250 schools across California have joined the Choicelunch family. Still, our goal remains unchanged. A healthy future that starts with a healthy lunch.