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Just Your Average Wednesday, Parenting

// Mind Your Manners

by // on Nov 12, 2018

I have a dear friend who told me that she often threatened to duct tape her child to the dining room chair if he didn’t learn to sit on his bottom and eat at the dinner table without getting up or moving around. I hate to admit it, ladies and gentlemen, but there are times…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Parenting

// Teamwork Trumps All

by // on Sep 25, 2018

I still hate bathtime. And yes, my boys still take baths. With three of them, it’s easier to throw them all into the soapy water together and have them scrub up than to manage three separate showers. I know this will come eventually, but we’re not there yet. You’d think that following a busy day of…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Life, Parenting

// Embrace the “Beautiful Oops”

by // on Sep 18, 2018

The other night, after finishing up dinner and homework, Grace asked me if she could practice some hairstyles on me before bedtime. She’s really been getting into doing her hair lately, and had even picked out a couple of “how to” hairstyle books at the library earlier in the week. I was ready and willing…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Parenting

// All My Chicks In One Place

by // on Aug 28, 2018

My youngest child, Quinn, started Transitional Kindergarten this year. There are so many emotions that I am feeling as we send our little buddy off to school for more than a few hours a day and a few days a week, and I am sure I will be processing this for quite a while. After…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Parenting, Tips And Hacks

// “Fort Fun”

by // on Apr 10, 2018

Please tell me this has happened to you before. Everything seems status quo, if not a little too quiet. You wonder momentarily what the kids could be up to, but quickly shrug it off and enjoy the silence. But the silence eventually nags, and eventually, you seek out the source of what has kept your…