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// Good while it lasted: How our family Halloween costume finally met its demise

by // on Oct 24, 2018

We always knew the day would come. Halloween has always been a treasured family holiday for us, and we’ve really blown it out in the past with coordinated family costumes. But as we know, all good things must come to an end.     It all started out a little wishy-washy. Over the Summer, the…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Life

// The Busy Season

by // on Oct 23, 2018

This is the “busy season” of life, as one of my dear friends recently commented. And it’s true – we rush off to work and school, and balance everything from volunteering in the classroom to soccer practice drop off. Cooking dinner, helping with homework, checking in on out-of town parents, trying to make sure the…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Life, Parenting

// Embrace the “Beautiful Oops”

by // on Sep 18, 2018

The other night, after finishing up dinner and homework, Grace asked me if she could practice some hairstyles on me before bedtime. She’s really been getting into doing her hair lately, and had even picked out a couple of “how to” hairstyle books at the library earlier in the week. I was ready and willing…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Life, Tips And Hacks

// Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

by // on Jan 30, 2018

“Would you be interested in coaching girls basketball this year?” the text read. My husband, Justin, had received this text message from a friend of ours who was coordinating the Catholic School Basketball league that our daughter was playing in this Fall. The group email requesting coaches hadn’t received enough takers, and he was hoping…

Just Your Average Wednesday, Life, Tips And Hacks

// Congratulations?

by // on Oct 3, 2017

I just recently had a friend share the news with me that she is pregnant with her fourth baby. I was elated, jumping out of my seat to give her the biggest hug. Smiles, squeals…the whole nine yards. After we talked for a bit, she confided in me that my reaction was genuinely so very…