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Choicelunch News And Updates

// Green Hamburgers?

by // on Oct 15, 2010

Green Hamburgers? We source our hamburgers from Coleman Naturals. Yep, the same Coleman Naturals you know from Trader Joes and Whole Foods. They work with small family-run ranches whose animals are raised without hormones, antibiotics, nitrates/nitrites, MSG or fillers of any kind. Since our hamburgers have no nitrites (or nitrates) and no artificial preservatives or…

Choicelunch News And Updates

// Pepperoni Pizza, where have you gone?

by // on Sep 30, 2010

Pepperoni Pizza, where have you gone? Almost every meal you order from Choicelunch is made in our kitchens, using our own tested recipes. Pizza is a special exception. For most schools, we depend on local pizzerias to get fresh pizza pies quickly from their blazing ovens to your kids at the lunch table. We source…

Choicelunch News And Updates

// Choicelunch: Some Common “Back to School” Day Questions Answered

by // on Aug 28, 2010

Did we see you at “Back to School” day? Were you at “Back to School?” We go to many registration days and back to school nights. They are busy, often hot, and sometimes noisy. They are ALWAYS electrifying. Returning kids are thrilled to see their friends. New students are often huddled behind their parents, clutching…