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// Gowan Apples: Generations Of Perfection Down To The Core //

By // Nov 6, 2015 //

Here at Choicelunch, we never stop looking for the finest, freshest fruits and vegetables. Recently our search led us to Northern California’s Mendocino County, where the Gowan family has been responsibly growing crisp, juicy heirloom variety apples for eight generations. In fact, some of their trees are over 150 years old! What’s that mean to you? 

There’s no doubt kids love apples to the core, but not all apples are created equal. Apples grown the right way are crisper, juicier, and down right better than their mass-market counter-parts. This is where Gowan Orchards comes in—an historic family farm committed to seeing that kids get all the juicy goodness they love…naturally.

According to Don Gowan, a 7th generation farmer, their sustainable growing practices reflect their respect for the land, and the responsibility they feel to both their community and future generations of Gowans.

“Our apples have been sustainably farmed on our family orchards for 139 years, one of the oldest family heirloom orchards in California.”, said Gowan recently. “Our goal is to provide the best stewardship for this land, so that it remains a wonderful place to raise a family and live for the next 8 generations. Because of our history and love for this land we take a longer view than many: this approach is ‘baked in’ to who we are.”

Gowan Orchards heirloom apples are smaller than typical apples and some of their varietals are extremely rare California natives. The Gowans have even been known to save a variety from extinction!

 The Gowans take their commitment to the land and environment very seriously. Gowan Orchards practices organic farming methods, including organic pheromone disruption, which has nearly eliminated the need for pesticides. Gowan remains committed to sustainable farming, and is pursuing organic certification in the next few years.

 The fruits of the Gowans’ efforts are beautifully kid-sized, deliciously-juicy heirloom apples Choicelunch is proud to offer with our lunches. Each apple is grown to the highest standards and bursting with natural sweetness and wholesome goodness.

Interested in learning more about Gowan Orchards? Check out and watch Don Gowan on YouTube talking about his heirloom apple orchards!


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