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// Welcome, New Year! //

By // Dec 28, 2017 //
www.choicelunch.com- Allison Gagnon

Welcome, New Year!

Happy New Year, my friends!

I hope this day finds you well, and that you have properly ushered in 2018 with joy and merriment. New Years Eve offers a great moment for a new beginning, doesn’t it? 

I cannot say that I wholly agree with the “start things over” New Year’s vibe, but I do like the way that a fresh year offers perspective, and a clean slate if you will, to set some new goals for yourself and your family. Justin and I love to have a glass of wine together at some point during the holidays and make a list of our personal and family goals for the upcoming year. Since we started this practice, this list has definitely informed many of our decisions and encouraged growth, adventure, and fun. I highly recommend the process, even if you’re just making some quick notes in your iPhone to refer back to.

With the start of the New Year comes much positivity, and that cannot be denied. But I also recognize that many who have struggled this past year might find sadness in looking backward on the past 365 days. Maybe you had a particularly difficult year with relationships. Maybe you felt challenged by a hard situation, or disappointed in a turn your life path took. Maybe you were faced with family difficulties, job dissatisfaction, or just felt yourself floundering in general. I can imagine that New Years might then feel differently.

I came across this quote last week, and fell in love. To those who leave 2017 behind feeling bittersweet, cheers to you. You got this.


www.choicelunch.com- Allison Gagnon