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// Needing A Little Summer In My Life //

By // May 23, 2017 //
Allison Gagnon- Choicelunch


I don’t know about you guys, but I am really needing a little Summer in my life these days.   

It’s right around the corner, I know, but it really cannot get here soon enough. The end of the school year always ends up feeling like a giant race to the proverbial finish line, and I find myself stumbling and sweating across it. Summer ends up feeling like one big deep breath, and one that I need so desperately.

Allison Gagnon- Choicelunch

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure that several weeks into Summer vacation, I will likely be pulling my hair out and desperately looking for ways to keep myself sane and my kids from killing each other. It’s not all pretty, you know. Having them home 24/7 for 9 weeks brings its own challenges.  

But, it also brings so much goodness.

Allison Gagnon- Choicelunch

Less arguing about homework, more playing baseball in the street until the Sun goes down.

Less salads, more ice cream.

Less routine showering, more “how long has it been since you showered.”

Less tennis shoes, more barefoot.

Less lists of to do’s, more “bucket list” adventures.  

Less traffic, more ocean.

Less activities, more games.

Less worrying about the future, and more enjoying the present. It’s fleeting, yes.  

But I’ll take it.

Let’s get this Summer party started.

Allison Gagnon- Choicelunch