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// Our Brand New Locally Sourced Hot Dog //

By // Apr 3, 2015 //

Some years back, we had awesome ingredients (a Nathan’s Dog, and a Semifreddi’s bun) but we didn’t test all of the packaging before putting it on the menu. Through that failure, we learned three important lessons: 1) test 2) test 3) test some more. It sucked that we had to learn the hard way, but the reality is that we are a better company overall because of the experience. We learned that every new entrée, no matter how simple in concept, must be put through a rigorous process and taste-tested with kids to ensure that we are always delighting your kids. In fact, the simplest dishes, like our buttered noodles, or our new hot dog, are actually the hardest to get right because there are so few ways to recover.

Well, after literally a year of testing every combination of nitrate-free frank, whole grain bun and packaging option out there, we are confident that the hot dog your kids will enjoy tomorrow for the first time is a hot lunch to make them smile. We have tested and tested and tested some more and overcome our fear with the perfect combo of a Fork In The Road nitrate-free frank, and a locally-baked bun made with whole grains. And would you believe the packaging is a wrap specific for hot dogs? Who’d have thunk?

Let us know if our all of those Choicelunch kids who tasted our hot dogs in our taste tests were right when they gave us big thumbs up!


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