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// Bringing goodness to life amidst tragedy

by // on Nov 20, 2018

Last Friday, a remarkable thing happened at Choicelunch. In the wake of the Butte County Camp Fire, all of the Bay Area was blanketed in smoke and over 100 schools in Northern California canceled school at the last minute. Our team was left with over 5,000 lunches on hand, and no one to serve. They…

From The CEO's Desk

// It’s a Small World After All

by // on Jan 26, 2017

Life has a way of always coming back around and surprising you when you least expect it.

Last weekend, Allison was out of town for a weekend away with our daughter, and the 3 boys and I were rocking a boys’ weekend at home. They had been dying to get breakfast at Starbucks, so I sliced up a pound of strawberries into Tupperware, swept them all into the car, and headed out for a morning breakfast date.

Choicelunch News And Updates

// Our Compostable Tray Journey

by // on Apr 22, 2016

This April, Choicelunch debuted a compostable tray for our hot entrees. What may appear as a simple packaging change is actually the culmination of a decade long search littered with frustration, learning, and ultimately, success.The irony here is this isn’t the first time we’ve made this announcement. In 2005, we first began our search for…

From The CEO's Desk

// Why the Food Babe got it wrong with Papa John’s

by // on Mar 26, 2015

The self-proclaimed “Food Babe’s” latest expose on pizza has been all over the place. I first saw the blog post, which claims to have the potential to “Blow your mind (maybe literally)” in my Facebook News Feed, garnering a “like” from my wife and several friends of ours, who are also parents of young kids. I’m…

Parenting, Tips And Hacks

// Parent Hack: How I Got My Kids To Eat Their Veggies

by // on Nov 21, 2013

As infants, our kids ate a variety of veggies. From day one, my wife Allison made the kids’ solid food, and we felt pleased as our adventurous young eaters devoured pureed broccoli, butternut squash, green beans, and even asparagus. But as the kids have gotten older, it has become more difficult to get them to…