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// A Revelation About Lunches //

By // Oct 30, 2012 //

You know how when you are passionate about something, you see ‘signs’ everywhere? (Or is that just me being superstitious, like usual?) Obviously, I have been passionate about lunch for years, but I went on a trip to NYC with a friend last week and while speed walking through the bustling streets, we sought refuge in the main Manhattan library near Bryant Park.  It turns out there is currently an exhibit on lunch.  It was fascinating and if you can’t swing a visit in person, I highly recommend a perusal of the library’s virtual site (though wait until Sandy passes, everything seems down right now!).

I learned that lunch was traditionally a mere snack and although I knew that as we moved from agrarian to more industrial and urban communities, huge leisurely lunches went to the wayside, I didn’t realize that much of that trend towards fast, hand-held sized lunches was because employers needed their staff to stay working. Companies subsidized lunches and reduced meal times to ensure high productivity. What was seen as an employee perk was actually a strategic move to keep laborers cranking. Google and other tech firms are touted even now for company-provided meals in the media. A smart reader of the WSJ also know the company’s underlying incentive, in addition to being envious that corporate menus can read like Michelin rated restaurant’s offerings.

So what is the incentive for our lunches? Yes, we are honored to feed your kids nutrient-dense, tasty lunches each day at school and that is why we do what we do, but that might not be your main motivation as a parent.  The reason you might use Choicelunch might be to save time, time you can spend with your kids. Maybe even time you can earmark for yourself at night, after the kiddos have gone to bed. Enhancements like our new last minute ordering were created to do exactly that; save you from urgent sprints to the grocery store and give you that extra 30 minutes to spend time as a family. After all, work is keeping you cranking, kids are keeping you busy… we’re just trying to keep you sane and relaxed. Neither of which I would use to describe NYC.


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