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// Over A Decade In The Making //

By // Jun 5, 2013 //

A letter from our CEO, Justin:

10 years ago, three best friends in our mid-20’s quit our jobs to start something great. We saw a need for better lunches in schools and for parents to save time without sacrificing quality food for their kids. We moved into my parents’ house and setup shop (the “office” was in Keith’s bedroom and Ryan’s “room” was a walk-in closet with a bed).

For the first couple of years, prospective schools and parents would ask, “What can three guys without families possibly know about what parents and kids want?” The truth is, we didn’t know much. But a few brazen principals and PTA presidents saw the fire in our eyes and took a gamble on us anyway.

A decade later, the three of us are still together working hard each day to perfect what we started. We’ve learned a ton along the way, and perhaps the most valuable lesson has come from you. You’ve taught us that your kids need to love our food, but you’ve got to be proud that they’re eating it – trading one for the other just won’t do. This lesson anchors our work every single day.

Almost everything has changed since 2003. Our company name has changed, our food has progressed, and our company and our own families have grown (4 kids among us with 2 summer babies on the way). The one thing that remains the same is our unwavering dedication to finding a better way; to making life just a little less stressful for our parents and lunch more wholesome and enjoyable for kids. Relying on Choicelunch every day in our own busy lives and feeding our own kids has added a whole new dimension for us, and what was once our work has become our life’s work.

We would not be where we are without you. Period. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do our life’s work and for taking a chance on us. We look forward to the next decade together.

Justin, Keith & Ryan 


One response to “Over A Decade In The Making”

  1. Jake Swenson says:

    What an awesome story you guys are. I’ve been a casual observer-from-afar of your business these past 10 years, and am so happy (and proud by proxy) at what you guys have made of it. Now, I just want you to bring Choicelunch to Austin for my kiddos. -Jake